Counselling For Couples

Whether or not you want to stay in your relationship or leave it I can help you to make up your mind and move forward in your life towards feeling better.

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I provide a caring and supportive environment for you to work through your relationship difficulties. I do not adjudicate or take sides, instead I provide a platform and guidance that gives you and your partner the opportunity and ability to understand each other’s emotions and points of view.

There are many reasons couples come to me for help, coping with a new baby, the aftermath of an affair, excessive arguments, drifting apart or the affects of work/home balance.

It can seem very hard to get your point across in a relationship that has taken a turn for the worse, and it can also be very hard to understand why your partner says and does the things that they do. Think of your sessions together as a conduit to communication with the aim of rebuilding the connection that has broken down between you.

Remember that suggesting couples counselling is not a sign that the relationship is coming to an end, it’s an expression of love and commitment to a relationship that you want to work and continue in.

However you feel and whatever your problems I have experience with all types of relationships and the problems within them. I’ll be there to give the very best for you and the person you love.

To find out more call me on 07932 874172.