Counselling for Young People 8 to 18

enoughI have worked with hundreds of young people from colleges, schools, Uni’s  and Youth Organisations so you’ve come to the right place to get help!

Whatever your problems are, you are not alone. It may feel like the world is against you, at a time in your life when you feel you have little control. Counselling can help you get through issues ranging from depression to grief to lack of motivation. When you come to see me you will be treated with respect. I will not judge you or your problems, counselling will help you to let go of your concerns.

Counselling is Confidential and that is extremely important to most young people we will talk about this on your first visit.

If you are lost and feel like you can’t deal with your feelings, if you feel that the people around you don’t understand your problems and that you have no one you can express yourself to I can help.

Any problems you have will be dealt with on a personal basis, so we will work together, to sort out your feelings and thoughts you may feel stuck with at the moment.

Visiting a counsellor is  a sign of strength, ability and maturity to acknowledge, ask for, and get help when you need it.