Counselling Support for Business

buisnessAn organisation with a successful coaching scheme or Psychological Support mechanisms applied throughout are far likelier to benefit from increased staff retention, higher levels of Customer satisfaction, reduced absenteeism and labour turnover costs plus enhanced opportunities to grow talent from within.

Employee Support

By working pro actively with organisations to provide support to their workforce, my integrated approach to supporting the emotional welfare of your employees is designed to help your employees through stressful and anxiety provoking situations in life to enable them to continue to work or return to work whilst getting back on track emotionally. As every business has different requirements, elements of my employee assistance plans can simply be combined to create a bespoke programme, providing the precise type and level of employee assistance needed.

Employers can also signpost to my service, direct to employees for self-referral.

Counselling for Family Law/Legal Support

Family law practitioners can rest assured that the counselling or mediation provided to assist the legal process forĀ  individuals or couples going through Divorce or Relationship breakdown will be beneficial . Counselling will help during stressful and often painful family welfare issues.

Pre Nuptial agreement negotiation also facilitated.

Counselling for Insurance company clients

Insurers wishing to provide counselling assistance for emotional health and well being for clients, can rest assured that they will receive a swift response. Reports and Assessments are written efficiently and as requested.

Clients can also contact me individually to arrange assistance with their counselling insurance needs.