Counselling or Clinical Supervision Via Telephone SKYPE or VSEE

As life gets ever busier finding time and opportunity to travel to a counsellor’s/supervisors office can be a challenge for many. As technology moves forward many people are discovering that counselling and supervision via remote services such as telephone and video calls can provide them with an extra opportunity to access help at a time and from a place that suits them much more.

vseeTelephone counselling Bev Hynesskype2

Remote counselling and supervision can help to reduce costs, save travel time, and enable some clients and supervisees to create an environment they are much more comfortable with but remote counselling/supervision is not always suitable for everyone. Sometimes being in the room together is very important to enable the counsellor/supervisor to provide the right level of support.

I offer counselling services via telephone and skype and Vsee as an option for some clients and supervisees. When we first talk we’ll assess whether remote counselling/supervision is suitable and, if so, we’ll agree a schedule and approach in much the same way we might for an office based service. Some situations are not well suited to remote counselling help, for example couples counselling and those suffering with suicidal thoughts.

There is a number of things to consider around the technology and environment when deciding whether to choose a skype.vsee/phone based approach;

  • Is the place from which you are communicating private? For your own safety, confidentiality and comfort it is important to ensure that you have a space that that will remain peaceful, undisturbed and cannot be overheard throughout your session.
  • Do you have a good enough internet connection? the technology can be ‘glitchy’ at peak internet usage times and this can be frustrating if the session is interrupted or even ended early as a result of technical failure.

If you would like to consider skype or Phone as an option for your therapy call me to arrange an appointment on 07932 874172 or use the contact form to get in touch.