What is depression?Put simply, the distinction between feeling ‘down’ and being depressed is one of both degree and duration; i.e. low mood becomes problematic when it is frequent, persistent and begins to affect our work, relationships, social activities and self-esteem. Depression includes a persistent low mood and loss of interest or pleasure in life – it also commonly involves:


  • a change in eating, weight and/or sleep patterns
  • reduced energy levels and reduced physical activity
  • impaired concentration
  • negative thoughts and beliefs about self, others and the world
  • avoiding other people and withdrawing into one’s room
  • feelings of worthlessness or hopelessness
  • loss of interest, enthusiasm and enjoyment
  • reduced sex drive
  • feeling irritable and short-tempered, or tearful
  • being unable to continue as usual with work and interests, maybe because you feel listless, or can’t be bothered’, or things feel pointless
  • the future may seem bleak or hopeless, you may think about suicide.

Counselling and CBT can help you to explore how you are feeling and help you to work towards feeling better and being able to better manage your depression or work thought it to resolution.