Counselling for Affairs – Infidelity
Counselling can help if;

you want to stay in your relationship.
you want to leave your relationship.
you want to explore what to do for the best

Reasons to try Counselling?
If an affair or betrayal cannot be discussed with your partner
If the trust between you has now broken down
To understand an affair in a less blaming way
If bitterness begins to poison the relationship
Cyber Affairs arising from networking sites and chat rooms can be just as hurtful with or without sexual contact these can leave a partner feeling betrayed.

Trust can be difficult to repair, especially if a partner has been let down in the past. But often, once the hurt has been acknowledged the healing can begin a new more realistic relationship can be built. Newly learned relationship skills and a fresh perspective can help.

How will Counselling help?
Unbearable and strong emotions can be heard and discussed with support.
The problems can be more fully understood
Pain can be acknowledged and healing can begin
Blame, guilt and bitterness can be contained
A more realistic relationship may be negotiated
New skills of relating, dealing with conflict may be learned