Stress you may feel if you are suffering from stress

  • aggressive
  • irritable
  • depressed
  • fearing diseases
  • fearing failure
  • dreading the future
  • a loss of interest in others
  • taking no interest in life
  • that there’s no-one to confide in
  • a loss of sense of humour

How stress may affect your behaviour

  • have difficulty making decisions
  • avoiding difficult situations
  • Excessive drinking or smoking
  • frequently crying
  • have difficulty concentrating
  • biting your nails/Under-Over Eating
  • denying there’s a problem
  • unable to show true feelings.

Your symptoms may look different from the those above, you may feel stress for other reasons. Some people are often unwilling to ask for help if they feel stressed. You may feel embarrassed or think that you should be able to deal with stress on your own.

In Counselling I will help you to talk about what causes you to feel stressed that way we can find ways to help you deal with your problems. You will also learn coping and stress management techniques for the future should you need them again.