Weight Loss

scales  3How many Diets – Exercise programmes – Gyms – Fancy weight loss machines – Creams – Shakes- have you tried so far?

How much get thin T.V have you watched to date?  How much time and Money have you wasted ?   Whilst some things do work for some of us it can be a big struggle to get to a goal weight and stay there. Some people seem to have a secret X factor while the rest of us just don’t.

If you knew that secret I assume you wouldn’t be reading this.

Sorry to disappoint you but …there’s no secret to it.  I believe that you can do it yourself. In your own time –  In your own way – And get the results that you want!

You and you alone know your body and your mind better than anyone else, but do you really ever LISTEN to YOURSELF or your BODY?

If the answer to that is no not really or only sometimes then that’s where I come in.

Counselling & CBT  will teach you to do just that LISTEN to and LEARN from YOURSELF and get you to LOVE and appreciate yourself to the full once you can do that you’ve cracked it.


No more Shakes- Crazy Diets- Couch lounging and wishing- Or beating yourself up!

I’m willing to bet that if you start listening to respecting and nourishing yourself and your body you’ll be where you want to be before you can say carrot stick 🙂

Get in touch soon for a gentle non invasive consultation! : )